About Desiree and Finding We Project

Finding We Project is written by Desiree Townsend.

With social media as the main connector in today’s world, she believes family members should take time to develop relationships with each other offline. She strives to create real connections and friendships with her audience by sharing “normal” parts of her family’s life.

People see her as the girl next door; the friend. Desiree believes in: being kind, working hard, developing solid values, staying down-to-earth, being accessible. Her voice is friendly, humble, honest, (mostly) practical, and (oftentimes) sarcastic.


CHUCK is the light of Desiree’s life and her best friend. He was raised in Oregon and Oklahoma during the 80s, and his family finally settled in Colorado in the 90s. He considers Colorado his home. He’s a passionate outdoorsman who believes camo is a color; most of all, he looks forward to the day when he can buy another Jeep. Chuck and Desiree were married on November 27, 2014 and each of them gained two awesome kids with the deal!

ETHAN is 15. He’s our tender-hearted prankster and comedian. Thanks to Chuck, Ethan has found a new love in bow-hunting and the outdoors. His favorite sports are basketball and football. He dreams of owning a Bugatti someday. Ethan’s alter-ego is Bob–we know him as Bubba. Go Broncos!

MARY is 12. She loves playing with makeup and clothes. She is a social butterfly, like her mama. Mary loves volleyball, dancing, and making videos, not like her mama. We call her Mimi.

AIDEN is 12. He is our most active kid, constantly playing with his various scooters and skateboards. He loves science and takes pride in reciting his knowledge about deltas and other sciencey things I will never understand. We call him Slim.

PIGGY SMALLS (aka NOTORIOUS P.I.G.) is our guinea pig; Chuck wants you to know that he did not pay for Piggy Smalls, yet he did name him.