Who’s behind Finding We Project?

Who’s behind Finding We Project?

desiree townsend 2015 | findingweproject.comYou’re a part of one of the millions of families with teenagers and you are tired of the back-talk and constant disagreements with your teen. You are exhausted by the clothing and makeup choices your tween makes. You give your teen a little bit of responsibility and she fails to come through. And the INTERWEBZ and SOCIAL MEDIA…my goodness…it’s as if their phones are permanently attached to their hands, right?

You know you’ve got some great kids, but don’t you wish you could foster a deeper relationship with your tweens and teens?

I can help you and your family!

 Hi, I’m Desiree Townsend, the main voice behind Finding We Project.

With social media as the main connector in today’s world, I believe family members should take time to develop relationships with each other offline, as well as practice family literacy. From reading together to doing everyday things like cooking, baking or grocery shopping to exploring the town, visiting museums and parks and sharing stories and celebrations and traditions. These are all things that encourage parents and children to build strong family ties through the generations.

People see me as the girl next door, the friend. I believe in: being kind, working hard, developing solid values, staying down-to-earth, being accessible. My voice is friendly, humble, honest and (mostly) practical. I strive to create real connections and friendships with my audience by sharing “normal” parts of our life with you, and I’m sincerely interested in hearing from you! Write to me at hello@findingweproject.com.


who's behind finding we project? | findingweproject.comFinding We Project: About our family

CHUCK is the light of my life and my best friend. He was raised in Oregon and Oklahoma and ended up in Colorado in the 80s. He’s a passionate outdoorsman who believes camo is a color and looks forward to the day when he can buy another Jeep. We were married on November 27, 2014 and I gained two awesome kids with the deal!

KIRA is 18. She was eagerly anticipating graduating from school so she could be free from rules and parents. While she no longer lives with us (she spread her wings in July 2015), she still has to deal with the complicated rules as a taxpaying member of society. Darn it all! She’s a bright, beautiful girl and great big sister.

ETHAN is 14. He’s our tender-hearted prankster and comedian. Thanks to Chuck, Ethan has found a new love in bow-hunting and the outdoors. He dreams of owning a Bugatti someday. His alter-ego is Bob, but we know him as Bubba.

MARY is 12. She loves playing with makeup and clothes. She is a social butterfly, like her mama. She loves volleyball and dancing, not like her mama. We call her Mimi.

AIDEN is 11. He is our most active kid, constantly playing with his various scooters and skateboards. He loves science and takes pride in reciting his knowledge about deltas and other sciencey things I will never understand. We call him Slim.

THURSTON and PIGGY SMALLS (aka NOTORIOUS P.I.G.) are our guinea pigs. Chuck and I went in to the local pet store in search of a few good fish and came out with Thurston instead. He’s a pretty good pet…if only he’d stop being so demanding. Carrots FIRST, not KALE! Chuck wants you to know that he did not pay for Piggy Smalls (although he did name him). It came out of my own “fun-money” budget because my husband likes to pretend the pigs don’t exist for his entertainment — just the rest of the family’s entertainment. 😉 Picture coming soon!

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If you are a brand/PR representative who is interested in partnering with me, please email me at media@findingweproject.com. I appreciate your consideration!